Andreass Weiss Head of Digital Business Models eco - Association of Internet Industry eV

Andreas Weiss is responsible for the eco business unit “Digital Business Models” and member of the Executive Board of eco – Association of the Internet Industry. He is active for eco since 1998, initially for the competence group E-Business & Logistics and further on E-Business. Since 2010 he is assigned as Director EuroCloud Germany and since 2019 Board Member of Trusted Cloud Competence Network. In general he is engaged in various projects for Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy and GDPR as well as security and compliance of digital services.

Aljandro Tauber editor-in-chief EUobserver

Alejandro is an expert on the web, media and how money works on the internet. He is now editor-in-chief of EUobserver, one of Europe’s oldest and most prominent online EU news sites.

In media he has experience in making articles, podcasts and videos and setting up financially successful editorial teams as a publisher. He also worked for a while for a startup that worked on the infrastructure behind the (media) sites of the future.

He is experienced in making accessible and entertaining subjects that people initially think are too complex, boring or out-of-the-ordinary; from EU regulation to obscure German internet criticism to financial drivers behind why everything on the internet always gets screwed up.

Until 2019 he was publisher and editor-in-chief of TNW (The Next Web). Before that, in 2013 he started the Dutch branch of Motherboard, the science and tech vertical of youth medium VICE. After TNW he wrote a weekly newsletter on corporate innovation and corporate venture capital for startup news site Sifted, in addition to longer articles on internet criticism for publications such as Dutch quality magazineVrij Nederland.

Because of his background in media and tech, with a focus on the future, Alejandro has a fresh look at where the internet is heading for everyone – beyond the hype and buzzwords such as Web3, blockchain and horror stories about AI.

He is an experienced moderator and interviewer, with experience at major events (eg The Next Web). He has also produced and presented videos and podcasts.

Olaf Kolkman Principal - Internet Technology, Policy, and Advocacy ISOC

Earlier in his career, Olaf was closely involved in the development of DNSSEC within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the organisation responsible for the standardisation of internet technologies. DNSSEC increases the security of the Domain Name System, one of the internet’s main foundations. Olaf has also chaired the Internet Architecture Board, an IETF committee that additionally advises the Internet Society.

Robert van der Noordaa Business development manager Royal HaskoningDHV

Robert van der Noordaa is a freelance Dutch investigative journalist and analyst specialising in Ukraine and Russia. He has been writing articles about technical subjects since 1997. He has been following events in Ukraine and Russia since 2004. He has conducted extensive work interviewing Russian dissidents and studying hybrid warfare and propaganda since 2014. He lived Ukraine and Russia for many years. The past three years he has worked on analyzing trolls and troll army’s on Twitter and Facebook.

His articles were published by Volkskrant, Groene Amsterdammer and Stopfake/Integrity Initiative and Atlantic Council. For broadcaster Humanistische Omroep (abbr. HUMAN) he worked on an episode of tv-series Denktank (Eng. Thinktank) on Russian trolls and political influence using social media. For broadcaster VPRO he did research for a documentary on Russian influence in Sweden called “Schimmenspel – Poetins onzichtbare oorlog” (Shadowplay – Putin’s invisible war).

Sander Duivestein Trendwatcher & Author

Sander Duivestein has been researching the impact of new technology on people, businesses, and our society since 2005. On behalf of the Exploration Institute of New Technology, he has written various reports and books over the years, covering topics such as social media, big data, the internet of things, disruption, bitcoin and blockchain, the platform economy, artificial intelligence, and the new generation.

In his presentations, Sander takes you from the past to the present and offers a glimpse into the near future. Sander’s presentations are particularly visual, confrontational, and humorous at the same time. Above all, they are stories with a message. Not flights of fancy, but a critical examination of what technology actually does to us. Bringing Sander into your space means bringing the future inside. And that is crucial because, according to Sander, it’s Digital Darwinism: adapt or disappear!